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Product upgrades and discontinuation

Dear Customer,

As a pro-active vendor Storm Interface give notice to our customers of product changes and discontinuations that affect the Storm keyboard range as detailed below:

Discontinuation of obsolete PS2 compatible Storm keyboards.
Product Upgrade (white keytops with black keytop characters to feature on all Storm keyboards),

As previously notified, manufacture of obsolete and no longer supported versions of PS2 compatible Storm keyboards will be discontinued with immediate effect.

Storm product part numbers affected by this discontinuation are listed below:-

(Please note: An X in the part number represents any character or additional sequence of characters.)

Part-number 1200-002X

Storm Keyboards with switchable PS2 / USB Encoders
Part-number 2210-22X
Part-number 2210-25X
Part-number 2210-32X
Part-number 2212-25X

Part-number 2220-22X
Part-number 2220-32X
Part-number 2220-25X

Part-number 2230-22X
Part-number 2230-32X
Part-number 2230-25X

This unavoidable discontinuation has been caused by the unavailability of critical components or replacement components of a similar specification. We do apologize for any inconvenience to our customers and hope you will understand that this discontinuation has been caused by circumstances beyond our control. No other Storm products or part numbers are affected by this discontinuation.


Product Upgrade

In accordance with Storm’s policy of continual product improvement, the use of white keytops with dark contrasting, laser marked keytop characters, has been widely implemented across the Storm keyboard range. This improved specification has been tested and field proven to provide a more durable keytop graphic with superior contrast and readability. Keyboards with these improved characteristics will now be offered as the standard specification for Storm keyboards.

Keyboards featuring black keytops (as listed below) will be manufactured only as special orders and for as long as existing stock of critical components remain.

(Please note: An X in the part number represents any character or additional sequence of characters.)

2210 Keyboards with black keys
Part-numbers 2210-2520X

2210 Trackerball keyboards with black keys
Part-numbers 2210-2522X

2212 Keyboards with black keys
Part-numbers 2212-2521X
Part-numbers 2212-2522X

Existing stocks of Storm keyboards, as detailed in this notice, continue to be fit for purpose, to meet the published specification and to be suitable for sale.


As part of the continued development of Storm products we will soon announce exciting new additions to the Storm product range. It is our objective that these new products will further enhance the range of Storm interface devices; ensuring that, from within the range of Storm products, our customers will find human interface devices that perfectly meet their current and emerging requirements.

Thank you for your continued recognition of Storm Interface as a leader in product innovation. We continue in our commitment to provide you, our customer, with the very best products available.

Yours sincerely,
Peter W Jarvis
Senior Executive Vice President.