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Vispero and Storm Interface Collaborate

Providing Accessible Interactive Kiosk Solutions

Clearwater, Florida – Vispero, the world’s leading assistive technology provider for the visually impaired, is excited to share news of a partnership between Vispero and Storm Interface, combining the JAWS screenreader with Storm’s Assistive Technology Products to create the most accessible kiosk experience for users who are blind, have low vision or limited dexterity.

“Storm Interface’s dedication to a usable and accessible experience equals Vispero’s ongoing mission to serve users who are blind or who have low vision. The partnership between Storm and Vispero brings together two leaders in assistive technology and establishes greater usability of kiosks”, states Matt Ater, Vice President of Business Development at Vispero.

The kiosk version of JAWS software has added support to make it easier than ever to integrate Storm Assistive Technology devices into a kiosk solution. Peter Jarvis, Storm Interface Vice President, shares, “Storm is delighted with the additional functionality provided by the screen reader in JAWS. This additional functionality will deliver a more complete and accessible experience for users of Storm ATP (Assistive Technology Products).

Features of JAWS Kiosk that support Storm-ATP Devices include the ability to autostart JAWS upon insertion of headphones, the delivery of a custom welcome message, standardized keypad integration, the ability to customize additional button functionality, and an auto stop/session end function upon the removal of headphones.

Mark Riccobono, President of the National Federation of the Blind states, “Members of the National Federation of the blind applaud the collaboration between Vispero and Storm Interface toward the continued development and implementation of accessible kiosk systems. As kiosks are an ever-growing gateway to banking, shopping, accessing healthcare, and applying for and receiving public services, it is essential that the blind have access to these systems in order to live the lives we want. We appreciate that both Vispero and Storm Interface have been, and will continue to be, receptive to the feedback and recommendations of the nation’s blind.”

David Clarke, Director of Services at the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) said: “RNIB has worked closely with Storm Interface to test and improve their accessible keyboards to ensure they are both accessible and easy to use for blind and partially sighted people. With the growing use of touch screen kiosks in places like train stations and restaurants, it is essential that blind and partially sighted people can have equal access to all services provided. The provision of well-designed text-to-speech output with the Storm tactile keyboard will be a great step towards an inclusive society which is at the heart of our vision for the future.”

This collaboration will help kiosk manufacturers meet accessibility requirements for federal government, banking, healthcare, hospitality, retail, transportation, and more.

About Storm

Storm Interface have designed and manufactured secure, rugged and reliable interface devices for more than 30 years. Storm products are built to withstand rough use and abuse in unattended public-use and industrial applications. Storm Assistive Technology Products are recognized by the Royal National Institute of Blind People under their ‘RNIB Tried and Tested’ program.

About JAWS Kiosk

JAWS Kiosk is a collaboration between The Paciello Group and Freedom Scientific (sister companies under Vispero). TPG provides JAWS screenreading software for kiosks, technical implementation and consulting services.

Contact Laura Boniello Miller at or your TPG Sales rep for information.

Contact Nicky Shaw at for additional information.

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