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Nav-Bar™, Black, Coloured Keys, Under-Panel Mount

Product code: EZB6-63002

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For ordered quantities of up to 20 pieces these products are usually despatched within 30 working days. Please contact us for a despatch schedule for deliveries of more than 20 pieces.

Please note: the audio module is supplied separately and is available in either a horizontal or vertical configuration (and in either black or silver).

Kiosks, ATMs, ticketing machines and voting terminals usually present Information about available products and services via a visual display or touch screen. Nav-Bar™ is a highly tactile interface that improves accessibility, making audio navigation and selection of screen based menus possible. An audio description of available menu options is transmitted to the user through a headset, handset or cochlea implant. When the desired menu page or menu option is located it can be selected by the press of a distinctive tactile button. Internal colour coded illumination makes location of individual keys much easier for those with partial vision. The keytop’s distinctive shape and tactile symbols provide the primary means of identifying a key’s specific function.

The intensity of keytop illumination can be adjusted or turned off when not in use. By use of the Nav-Bar™ utility software, default illumination status and ‘wake-up’ behaviour can be selected. The USB key-press codes can also be changed. Successful implementation of the Nav-Bar™ requires a compliant host application featuring synthesized or recorded human voice audio-tags. Connection to the host system is via a single USB cable (supplied separately).

This particular variant features a black front plate with 4 coloured and 2 illuminated buttons and is designed to be mounted to the underside of a panel.

Storm Interface products are developed and tested primarily for use with current and supported Microsoft Windows® platforms. If you are developing with a non-Windows® platform, please contact Storm Interface for advice; as compatibility with non-Windows® platforms or operating systems cannot be guaranteed.

RNIB Business is delighted to award their unique RNIB Tried and Tested accreditation to Storm Interface

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