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April 7th 2020

Software and Firmware Updates

In accordance with Storm's commitment to continuous product development; software and firmware deployed for use with Storm products is subject to periodic revision.

Revisions and updates are routinely implemented to improve performance, diagnostic capabilities, stability and system compatibility.

We recommend that customers regularly monitor this website for notices of software and firmware revisions. We always recommend that Storm products are updated to benefit from current software and firmware releases.




Firmware Update

Products Affected:

450 USB Encoder
450i USB Encoder with buzzer and illumination control


Part Numbers:

450 USB Encoder


Firmware Update: Revision from version 8.07 to version 8.08
Date of Implementation: 30/May/18

Instructions: The firmware of the USB Encoder is updated by downloading the update file and using the free USB Encoder Utility which is available for download here.

To download the update file, click the button below. Then unzip/extract the file and save it to your PC. Open the USB Encoder Utility, connect the encoder to your PC and in the USB Encoder Utility window click ‘Scan for Device’. Then click ‘Update Encoder Firmware’ and follow the prompts.

Please note that updating the encoder firmware will not delete any customized code tables that may have previously been saved. A copy of your encoder configuration (including any customised codes) is reloaded back onto the encoder as part of the firmware update process.

For more information, please see the USB Encoder Manual.