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AudioNav™ Developer Kit for iOS

Product code: INP781-01


For ordered quantities of up to 20 pieces these products are usually despatched within 10 working days. Please contact us for a despatch schedule for deliveries of more than 20 pieces.

The AudioNav was developed primarily for use in applications where the host PC is a Windows PC. However, it is also possible to use this ADA compliant assistive USB interface with an iOS device.

Please note: the AudioNav must have iOS specific firmware in order for it to work with an iOS device. Some other interface products are also required.

This developer kit contains everything needed for connecting an AudioNav to an iOS device, including the AudioNav itself (with iOS specific firmware).

The kit contains:

  • AudioNav with iOS specific firmware (please note, the kit is supplied with a panel mounted version of the AudioNav with green LEDs)
  • iPad adaptor (with 3 USB sockets)            
  • Cable USB A to mini USB (Qty 2)
  • Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor
  • Power Supply (2 port) with USA adaptor
  • Cable USB A to Lightning
  • Cable USB A to micro USB

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